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  • Make sense of too many projects and focus

  • Organise your day from busy to productive

  • Delegate and outsource effectively

  • Align your business with your lifestyle

  • Channel the discipline to show up and lead

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Chris is a serial entrepreneur based in Austin, Texas.
After exiting his second business, Chris was looking for a new venture to bring fulfilment to his life and his career as an entrepreneur. However, the pressure from his previous successes, and a lack of clarity on his options held him back. Here's how he regained clarity and started his third venture.

Chris, founder, CCH Ventures

I don't work Saturdays and Sundays anymore, I don't even look at my computer.

Having one clear goal, and using it as a filter for my own actions, and then for the whole team, was a game changer and helped us smash our product launch.

Manav, founder, LoveRaw

I used to start my day completely overwhelmed, until Matt changed how I work.

I no longer drown in daily tasks, and I can do more in less time and with less stress, managing a growing business and team, a blog, and even a podcast.

Fabio, founder, Fridayish

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